excursion in Angkor Archaeological Park

On our third day there, my friend and I decided to make a final trip to the Angkor Wat and all the temples around it to make full use of our 3-days pass. 
Woke up at 4am to go on a sunrise tour at Angkor Wat. We left the hotel at 5am, and boyyyyy was it friggin’ cold! I’m the kind of person who does thorough research before I travel but no one warned us about Cambodian winter..?! It was 16 Celsius in the morning and a windy morning ride on a tuk tuk at 5am….even my internal organs froze…brrrrrrr…Our hotel people were nice enough to pack our breakfast for us so that we can eat while waiting for the sun to rise. They’re awesome! 
The Sunrise?
Well, it was disappointing. Like reeeeally disappointing. Probably wasn’t our time. I saw a picture of my friend who went there recently and she got to view the most amazing sunset…hmph! So after sunrise, we decided to walk around Angkor Wat again and camwhore (haha camwhore is so 2009!) before heading to the other temples.




yep. A huge crowd of disappointed people. 
The Other Temples
Okay so I don’t exactly remember all the temple names accurately, but I’ll mention the ones I know hahahaha. (Okay I remember cos I did my research online cos I’m so hardworking lidat)
1) Preah Khan
This temple was my favorite because the surrounding was so scenic. The temple is surrounded by swamps. We were one of the firsts to arrive at the temple after the sunrise tour so we kinda had the temple to ourselves for like 10 minutes hahaha



2) Neak Pean Temple
This temple is located in the middle of a man-made “island”. To walk to the temple, you’ll have to cross a small lake where you’ll get to see beautiful lotus flowers! 




3) Ta Som 
Nothing much to see here. We spent around 10 minutes max in this temple. Oh, I also lost my slipper in a battle with the uneven grounds in this temple. Had to buy myself the fugliest flip flop to complete the rest of our tour. 


4) East Mebon Temple



5) Pre Rup Temple
By the time we reached this temple, our legs had given up on us. So we did not climb up the stairs. Instead, we just sat down under a shade, had a deep discussion about life and how we should get new hobbies and filmed a vlog. (Vlogs that will never see daylight that is 😉


Oh ya, forgot to mention that I acted silly too…

6 temples in half a day! Man, that’s an achievement unlocked! After intense walking around temples and all, we were ready to get a nice full body massage…(which we did, in the evening..) *blows nails*
Till next post!



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