Siem Reap: The Grand Finale

The sucky feeling started sinking in on our last night there. It was a horrible feeling but we didn’t let that feeling stop us from having more fun! hahahaha
I’m a huge fan of massages, manicure and pedicure but sometimes it can get too expensive in KL. When it was offered at a dirt cheap price in Siem Reap, it would be foolish to refrain from doing it. After about 2 full days of walking and exploring, we decided to pamper ourselves with a Khmer leg massage. (I did pedicure too!). The one hour massage was amazingggg and we wanted more. 
We had a lot of time to kill before dinner, so we hopped from one massage place to another for a FULL body massage. That’s a first for me. Man oh man, was the massage amazing. I felt so “loose” after the session. They used jasmine infused oil to massage us, we came out feeling really fresh. Two thumbs up for Khmer massages! 
We had dinner at Triangle BBQ restaurant and the food was alright. The restaurant is located at Pub Street and gets quite busy at night.
We shopped for a bit (my friend Hajar is a badass in bargaining, while I stood there like a chicken and ready to pay full price). hahahahha In the end, we bought so many stuff for a really good price and went back to the hotel feeling really satisfied. 
The next day, we just relaxed at the hotel, felt really depressed about having to leave and get back to reality but such is life. Everything comes to an end. 

With that, I conclude this post with the thing you MUST try/see/be careful of in Siem Reap, Cambodia. 

1) Visit as many temples as you can at the Angkor Archaeological Park. 
2) Take a tour to Kampung Phluk and Tasik Tonle Sap
3) Explore the small hipster cafes at Pub Street. I recommend Cafe Central (best club sandwich – sadly, non-halal). 
4) Be prepared mentally as you can see poverty everywhere. It gives you a reality check and you think twice before you whine about petty things. 
5) Shop, shop and shop for pretty arts and crafts. (don’t forget to bargain!)
6) Get a Khmer massage. Leg massage, half body massage, whatever massage you fancy. It’s awesome! We had our leg massage at Namaste. 
7) Try Khmer BBQ. 
8) Go on a tuk tuk ride. 
9) Carry a sweater with you, it gets quite chilly in the morning especially from November-February.
10) If you’re allergic to dust, carry a mask with you. 
11) If you crave for some unconventional food, try their fried insects. *shudders*
Cambodia have treated us well and I certainly wouldn’t mind going there again. Left with such a heavy heart and had a terrible withdrawal syndrome, but it’s all good now. If you’re looking for a budget trip around the Southeast Asia region, Cambodia is the place to go. You can enjoy comfortably for 4 days for RM1500-RM2000 per person, depending on your personal interests. 
I end this post with some food pictures, just because it’s late at night and I’d like to make you hungry 😛 



Till next post!

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