wonder woman

I wonder sometimes. No scratch that. I wonder all the time. About the places I’ve been to, the people I’ve met, the people I care cared of. Cos’ I’m a true Wonder Woman. hahahaha
So this morning I was doing my usual wondering about random things and I wondered about the receptionist I met in Jaipur’s Marriott Hotel. Don’t ask me why/how/ etc. I can’t explain it either.
He was an MBA graduate who was working as a receptionist at the hotel in 2012 while waiting to get a better job. He’s also kinda the first guy who’s ever given me his business card and said call me
Why I remember this incident because that was probably the first and last time I ever went that close to flirting with a guy. I usually just do this:

He was good looking and I knew even if I screwed up, I wouldn’t be seeing him again. So I tried. I don’t know if you can call it flirting, but here’s how the conversation went on the last day when I went to return the room key and he was at the reception.
Him: Hi, how are you today?
Me: I’m fine. Excited for our trip to Delhi. 
Him: How did you like Jaipur?
Me: I loved it. Every single bit of Jaipur. And the food in this hotel is amazing!
Him: Yeah..I know. *smirk* I’m going to miss this job when I get another job. 
Me: Oh..? What job? 
Him: I’m an MBA graduate. I’m doing this while I waiting for other job offers. 
Me: wow. (in my heart i thought that was sexy. Hardworking guys are sexy)
Him: So, what did you study for? 
Me: Studying Psychology. 
Him: So can you read my mind…? *with a cheeky smile*  
Did I mention he was really good looking…? I started melting….
Me: Yeah of course. (I was actually being sarcastic)
Him: So can you tell me what’s in my mind?
Me: That I need to pay my laundry bill? 
Him: Ahhh…you’re good! hahahahaha
Me: I know *flips hair* (yes I flipped my hair)…
Him: Handed me my receipt together with his name card…
Me: Umm..your card..? 
Him: Yeah…call me and keep in touch. 
Me: Sure! Bye! 

So that’s how the flirting it ended. With a raw bye. I gave him my Facebook ID in return. He added me a few weeks later. He’s still there in my Facebook friends list but he hasn’t been active since 2014. Probably married. HAHAHA! 
Some people come into your life for a season and go. Do you ever wonder where these people are today and what are they doing? People from your past? An ex, maybe..? I wonder. I wonder what happened to him. Oh well, it was good while it lasted 😛 

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