There aren’t enough pages and ink for me to scribble down every one of the thoughts and feelings I’ve. When you glance back at all that you’ve written before, you have an inclination that you’re perusing the composition of another person’s on the grounds that whether you understand it or not, you’re never the same individual that you are in 12 months’ time. A few qualities of yours may remain yet your interests, the way you see things and who you like and aversion will definitely change.

I recently had this discussion about relationships with my friend. I realized I sounded like a true dreamer in that conversation; when I’m actually not. And then I realized; I am a realistic dreamer. I blame my love for books for this. I’ve read countless numbers of novels, short stories, real life stories, biographies etc over the years that it has made me believe that some dreams of mine actually exist in this world. I believe and relate to most of the characters I watch on TV or read about. Why? Because if someone didn’t see/experience someone behaving like that, how would they know such expression exist? When you get deep down to it, it’ll make you think…think…think…and lose sleep. I know I did.

If you know me well, you know I’m a sucker for quotes. And this specific one by Sadhguru speaks to me: “You should always be effervescent, balanced and a bit extreme.”

I would like to believe I’m a mixture of all these. Life shouldn’t be restricted to the ideas only in your mind. Open up your world, have a little wild dream. Isn’t it strange, and perhaps weird too, that so much of world’s wealth is poured in educational models every year for the last so many decades, to educate the people and in making them learn the logical way of looking at things, which ultimately does not help people to “experience” the life in a “real sense”? But probably this is to be expected since we are living in a topsy-turvy world, anyway.

Conclusion is, let’s not categorize ourselves into these labels. Dreamer, realist, idealist, minimalist, extremist etc. A dreamer can also be real about certain things. A realist can dream. An idealist is not always a perfectionist. Remember, it’s okay to be balanced and a bit extreme at times.

Peace out.





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