H and I have been living the tai tai lifestyle lately. We’ve been going for weekend brunches, trying out new restaurants and we were even willing to drive all the way to Bangsar for food. (as if Bangsar is thaaaat far) LOL

Usually after brunch, we’d go for a movie to kill time. Finally, living life. hahahaa…I’ve decided this  blog is not going to be one of those “restaurant review” type of blog because let’s face it, there are wayyyyy too many of those out there.

No pictures of menus, ambiance, interior design or whatsoever here because when there’s food in front of me, I only have the time to take one picture for Instagram before diving into it. All you can expect is honest reviews about the food that I tried and if I found it worth it or not.

A few weeks ago, we tried The Daily Grind at Bangsar Village 1. My verdict on the chicken burger I ate; 8/10. The burger was juicy, loved the sweet potato chips as side dish. The price was reasonable for me. About RM40 per person, with drinks. We were also their first customers of the day. The restaurant was fairly quiet at 11am, so we kind of had a peaceful meal.


A few weeks after that, we decided to try Acme South at Bangsar Village as well, located right opposite The Daily Grind. We were also one of the early birds that time! I tried their waffle with fried chicken and mocha latte. I’ve always wanted to try waffle with chicken and scrambled eggs after I saw Rachael Ray making it in her show, so it was good to finally have a taste of it. I liked the combination of the sweet and savoury taste. It went well with the maple syrup they gave. H had their Big Breakfast (I tasted a bit from her plate and it was amazinggggg!). I’m usually skeptical about big breakfasts; especially about the sautéed mushroom they serve with it because I’ve tasted one that tasted like dirt, but this one was goooood! Think I’ll go back to have their Big Breakfast. 😉 I’d rate Acme 8/10. Great service too!


We’ve decided to go more on these kind of food trips on weekends, because hey, life’s too short to always rot at home.


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