think before you speak

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my surroundings and people I’ve met after I started working, it has got to be to think before you speak. It took me a while to get the hang of it. But once I did, I think I’ve stopped hurting other people’s heart (unintentionally).
See, I came from a background where I never needed to be the leader of my family. I never had to worry about my source of money because all I had to do was ask my parents and there it is. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a spoiled brat (i’m faaaar from being one); I had to earn my rewards when I was younger but you get the picture right? You never had to worry about rent cos mommy and daddy have got that covered. You did not have to worry about helping your parents to educate your sibling.
I’ve never worked a day in my life until I started working after graduation at the age of 23. These are all blessings that people like me take for granted. And sometimes, when you speak, you just don’t stop to think how would someone feel about it.
For instance, when you get yourself something pricey and you’re speaking to someone who’s not as privileged as you are. You’ll say “You should get it. It’s only RMxxx.” See, the point here is not to brag about the price you paid for something. What’s cheap for you may not necessarily be cheap for others. It could be only for you. It could be a month’s rent for your friend.
What comes easily for you, it may not be as easy for them. And then it hit me. Everyone’s fighting their own battle. Some worse than others. We can’t do much to ease their burden. But we can help by not being insensitive when we speak. It does not mean that these underprivileged people are pathetic. I thought it would be nice to just not speak about how easy things are for you in front of people who are fighting hard to survive.
An incident happened to me once that made me realize this.I lost sleep over it because I felt so bad that someone was hurt with what I said. I shall not elaborate more because it’s personal for my friend. But what I’ve learned is a lifelong lesson that I will also teach my future kids. Be sensitive. Have some compassion. THINK before you speak.
 Trust me, that changes everything.

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