ttdi cafe hunt

My fellow tai tai has got a new job and she has a week or so of free time before she starts her new job. It has also been a while since we last met so we decided to go cafe hunting at TTDI. Well, not exactly hunting if we did our research before, is it?

We decided to try Pickle & Fig first. Loved the ambiance of the restaurant. Quiet, very rustic decoration and a wide selection of food! H ate the big breakfast and I had their turkey roll and wild mushroom panini. T’was yummy and the food were reasonably priced. You can have a decent meal for under RM30, depends on what you eat of course.


The interior


The menu. If you want a closer look, just visit their cafe 😉


Great place with even better food!

After downing the food above, we were still hungry for more. So we googled for dessert cafes around that area and ended up at Dotty’s (which is like 15 steps away from Pickle and Fig!). H and I have heard about their famous salted egg yolk cronuts (marry doughnut and croissant and you get cronuts!) so we decided to try them. Man oh man, was it rich and yummy! IF you’re not a fan of loud music and bustling cafes, you may want to skip this one. IF you think you can deal with the noise and crowd, pleaseeee go and try their cronuts! I would definitely go again to have it and try their other pastries as well.


Nuts about their salted egg yolk cronuts!

H is going to be stuck with her hectic corporate schedule and me with my unpredictable schedule, I don’t know if we can do this often. But we will surely find time to do our favorite activity together. I know people who have drifted apart after they started working, but I think the key here is to MAKE time. Maintain friendships with good people although you don’t see them often. It’s good to acknowledge the other person’s existence and what goes in their lives every now and then no matter how busy you are.


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