yellow brick road

H and I recently (almost a month ago) went to Yellow Brick Road cafe in search of a good big breakfast. A few days before our brunch date, we had that million dollar question in mind. WHERE TO EAT? One of the hardest decisions you’ve to make in life is to decide where to eat…sigh…

As usual, I turned to Mr. Google to get an answer. After much thoughts and are-we-rajin-enough-to-drive-to-Bukit Damansara-discussion, we decided to go and try this much raved about Yellow Brick Road cafe at Bukit Damansara. (Yes, we will drive for food!) hahaha

Our verdict? The big breakfast was amazinggggg! Though I prefer the sauteed mushroom from Acme South(more garlicky), the dish as a whole was delicious! Especially their mixed beans. Come on, we all have had the experience of going to fancy restaurants only to get some canned beans on your plate and you pay a bomb for that junk…but the ones in YBR did not taste like that at all! Thumbs up for that! They also served the Big Breakfast in a pan, which is quite nice as well.

Overall, I’d rate Yellow Brick Road 9/10. Food was good, waiters and waitresses were really friendly, Instagram-worthy (big plus point!) and if you’re lucky, you’ll bump into some Malaysian celebrities as well. We saw Ning Baizura!


We’re serious people


Definitely Instagram-worthy! 


Full tummy, happy faces! 


This portion is sure to fill you up! LOVED IT!

Till next post!



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