curvy and proud

It took me a lot of courage to publish this post that was sitting in my draft for weeks. I decided to publish it anyway because I’d be so happy if this post helps at least one miserable person out there.


“Eh fatty, lose weight lah a bit.” “Eh fatty, no one is going to marry you if you don’t lose weight.” One girl even wrote to me in my Standard 6 autograph book “Don’t forget to diet when you’re old/big enough”. How many of you have had the struggle of body issues when you were growing up because people around you just wouldn’t give you a break? How many of you were shamed because you weren’t skinny according to the society’s standards?

I am not born naturally flawless. In fact, I’m far from it. I am naturally chubby, I have uneven skin tone, I’m dark brown, my hair is unforgivably wild and curly. When I was younger, my self esteem was non-existent. I refused to take part in activities just because I felt I wasn’t good enough. I let my weight weigh me down from everything I wanted to do.

And you know what the sadder part is? I became the product of my environment. I turned out to be the product of other people’s limitations. It took me a long time to actually find my self-identity. I refused to let people get in my head. I told myself I will not let anyone bully me anymore. Imagine being told by an uncle that the car feels heavier on the right side because you were sitting there? It hurt my feelings and I couldn’t sleep that night. I was 13 back then. These nasty comments went on for years until I decided to put a stop to it.

One day I woke up and I decided to not let anyone tear me down because of my flaws. I decided to not look at myself as a full of flaw person. I told myself I’ve to think I’m fabulous and when I did that, people started showing more respect. I’m fab and I wasn’t going to let anyone tell me otherwise.

Miraculously, people started loving me more when I’ve started loving myself. If you think you’re fat, then no matter what you wear and how much makeup you put on, you will feel fat because that’s how you see yourself. Don’t bully yourself, let it go and wear that short dress you’ve always wanted to wear. The best makeup you can wear is your confidence. Embrace your curves, dress your best, wear self confidence as your make up and you’re good to go! You’ll be surprised with the way the world looks at you when you’re dead confident.

Never let anyone tell you you’re not pretty enough. Not good enough. Not smart enough.Start loving yourself. Wear your favourite clothes. Eat your favourite food. And if anyone tries to tell you that you’re not going to be married because of your curves, you’re better off single than marrying a man who only looks at you as a heartless piece of meat. I think it’s about time to let loose and live life according to your standards of living. Do not lose weight for a guy. Do it because you want to. Do not stop eating your burgers because your grandmother told you so. (Save the healthy eating lecture here because I’m also aware about the importance of eating clean for health, I’m never against that FYI.)

It’s amazing how much a little change in your mindset does to your life. You are what you think. Life is too short to dwell in body issues. It’s definitely too short to spend pleasing people who refuse to see you beyond the flaws curves you have. Do not let your body issues hold you back from doing the amazing things you’re meant to do. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE 🙂 

These days, I’m just too cool to care. You think I’m fat and will remain single because I’m curvy? Never mind. I am fab, I’ve done pretty epic things in life and my career is amazing. To those people who have ever put somebody down for their physical appearance, SHAME on you.



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